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Gene Annotator

This tool allows you to retrieve the annotation and sequences that correspond to the genes from a list that you provide. The Gene Annotator tool uses data from the TIGR 5.0 annotation of the Arabidopsis genome, the TAIR GO annotation of the Arabidopsis genome, and the Affymetrix ATH1 GeneChip annotation.

Step 1. Enter your gene(s) of interest.
  • You can enter either Affymetrix ATH1 GeneChip probeset IDs (e.g. 265070_at) or Arabidopsis gene codes (e.g. At1g55510).
  • Multiple entries on separate lines.

Step 2. What data do you want to retrieve?

Title, description, pseudogene (yes/no) (TIGR 5.0 annotation)
GO annotation (TIGR 5.0 annotation)
GO annotation (TAIR annotation)
cDNA support (TIGR 5.0 annotation)
CDS (TIGR 5.0 annotation)
Protein sequence (TIGR 5.0 annotation)
Transcript sequence (TIGR 5.0 annotation)
Description (Affymetrix ATH1 GeneChip annotation)

Step 3.

Author: Hans van Leeuwen.


TAIR GO annotation:
Berardini, TZ, Mundodi, S, Reiser, R, Huala, E, Garcia-Hernandez, M,Zhang, P, Mueller, LM, Yoon, J, Doyle, A, Lander, G, Moseyko, N, Yoo,D, Xu, I, Zoeckler, B, Montoya, M, Miller, N, Weems, D, and Rhee, SY(2004) Functional annotation of the Arabidopsis genome usingcontrolled vocabularies. Plant Physiol. 135(2): 1-11. PubMed link PubMed - National Library of Medicine

TIGR annotation:
The TIGR Arabidopsis thaliana Genome Annotation Database.

Affymetrix ATH1 GeneChip:
Arabidopsis ATH1 Genome Array.

Contact information.

last modified on June 8, 2006