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Intranet - Expression Data 211 RILs

This tool allows you to retrieve scaled expression values of the 211 RILs plus corresponding parental controls.

Step 1. Enter your gene(s) of interest.
  • You can enter either Affymetrix ATH1 GeneChip probeset IDs (e.g. 265070_at) or Arabidopsis gene codes (e.g. At1g55510).
  • Multiple entries on separate lines.
  • Maximum number of genes: 1000 (download complete data set here).

Step 2. Select the RIL(s) and/or parental lines of interest.
  • Multiple RILs can be selected using the CTRL or SHIFT keys.
  • RILs are identified with the numbering used by Loudet (2002), and between parentheses the ABRC code. More info.

Step 3. From which treatment do you want the data?

SW, Silwet control treatment
SA, Salicylic acid treatment
Both treatments (SA + SW)

Step 4. From which biological replicate do you want the data?

Biological Replicate 1
Biological Replicate 2
Both Biological Replicates (1 + 2)

Step 5. Output options

Data orientation:

rows = genes/probesets, columns = microarray ID
rows = microarray ID, columns = genes/probesets

Data format:

Formatted Table (can be copied/pasted into Excel)
CSV (can be imported into Excel)

Step 6.

Author: Hans van Leeuwen.


Affymetrix ATH1 GeneChip:
Arabidopsis ATH1 Genome Array.

Loudet, Chaillou, Camilleri, Bouchez and Daniel-Vedele, 2002. Bay-0 x Shahdara recombinant inbred lines population: a powerful tool for the genetic dissection of complex traits in Arabidopsis. Theoretical and Applied Genetics, vol 104 (6-7), pp 1173-1184.

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last modified on June 13, 2006