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Intranet - CIM 211 RILs

This tool allows you to retrieve the results from the CIM analysis of the 211 RILs with 464 testing loci (based on markers from map with 540 SFP markers plus 38 microsatellite markers).

Step 1. Enter your gene(s) of interest.
  • You can enter either Affymetrix ATH1 GeneChip probeset IDs (e.g. 265070_at) or Arabidopsis gene codes (e.g. At1g55510).
  • Multiple entries on separate lines.
  • Maximum number of genes: 1000.

Step 2. Select the testing loci of interest.
  • Multiple loci can be selected using CTRL or SHIFT keys.

Step 3. From which treatment do you want the data?

SW, Silwet control treatment
SA, Salicylic acid treatment

Step 4. What data do you want to retrieve?

eQTLs identified via STCIM with a 10 cM window
eQTLs identified via STCIM with a 20 cM window
LRT scores for testing eQTL via STCIM
estimated additive effect of eQTL via STCIM
R2 of eQTL via STCIM

Step 5. Output options

Data orientation:

rows = genes/probesets, columns = markers
rows = markers, columns = genes/probesets

Data format:

Formatted Table (can be copied/pasted into Excel)
CSV (can be imported into Excel)

Step 6.

Author: Hans van Leeuwen.


Affymetrix ATH1 GeneChip:
Arabidopsis ATH1 Genome Array.

Contact information.

last modified on June 13, 2006